As-salaam Alaikum,sister Kaddijah i spoke to you today about Khalid Yaseen (cd)
purpose of life i am a Muslim chaplain at Hunts correctional center in Louisiana,
please send me the cd alone with some other dawah material. Islam is making a
difference in many inmates lives.

Nashid Salahuddin.
If anyone would like to sponsor Dawa materials for this cause please
contact Kadijah at  
 646-236-7978 or email @

Dear/Respected Sister Khadijah.

In continuation of our telephone conversation, I once again thank you for your help and ask you to ship
the English Quran at the following address:

Rahmatalil A'lameen Academy
2709 Highland Park Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28269

The above is part of our dawah work and free distribution of Quran to the interested
Aslamu Alaykum Khadijah,
Please advise regarding Quran copies. If I could get before next Friday, it will
be a great help. I will be traveling to Monks Corner, SC to attend a two days
conference on Jan 29, 2011, and it could be a great gift for the attendees
who may be interested to have one.
Thanking you,
Morgan Stanley Children Hospital
Columbia University Medical Center

Kareem Abdul-Malik Dunn
Pastoral Care Department
622 w 168th Street
Presbyterian Hospital

Bis-mil-Iahir-rahman-nir-raheem wa Al-hamdulil-Iah. '

Dear Sister Khadeejah,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and the
strongest of iman. My name is Kareem Ahdul-Malik Dunn
and I am the Amir/Imam of the muslims here at New York
Presbyterian Hospital. We have a congregation between
50-75 muslim brothers and sisters that attend our weekly
Jum'a prayer. We also have a prayer room where we can
perform our 5 daily salah. I am also a member of the
Pastoral Care Team/Committee here at the hospital. One of
my duties/responsibilities ( Fissabil-lilah) is to visit the sick
muslim patients that come to the hospital and try to assist
them in what ever way we can. Many times they just ask for a
I am writing you this letter to ask if you can help me in
getting paperback copies of the Qur'an for our patients here
at the hospital. We also get request from nonmuslim
patients,staff and visitors for Qur'ans. Just a few weeks ago
Gideons International, a Christian evangelical
organization brought cases of there bible here to give to
patients,staff ,visitors and anyone that want one. During
this event (also before and since) people have asked for
copies of Qur'an. New York Presbyterian Hospital have
about 17,116 employees and about 2,298 patient beds. I'm not
asking that you give us that many Qur'ans but whatever you
can we shall be grateful. We are hoping that these Qur'ans
will be a form of healing and dawah, Inshaa-Allah.

Thanking You
May Allah Bless and Reward You

Kareem Abdul-Malik Dunn
Hi Kadiah,

Thanks for calling me today.
I'm writing you to ask for some material regarding your muslim religions.  I'm not a muslim yet, but my
husband is.  I have been married for over 1 year now. I'm interested in learning more about this religions.  
Thank you. have a nice day.

Margarita Menuar